Friday, October 10, 2014

This crazy relationship

Pernah tak you've been in a relationship, that you know will end? Either he who will end it, or you will end it. Pernah? Although u know it will end, but u stayed anyway. Pernah?

Usually people get into serious relationship, for one reason kan? To get married. To live their lives together. To be happy forever and ever.

But not this one particular relationship i know. Well, they both love each other so much. At least one side i know loves the other so much. But, under one circumstance, they cant have a happy ending for their love story.

It is too complicated to explain what and why. But, one thing for sure, if they ever to get married, only one side will be happy. The other have to pretend to be happy. Ape makna marriage if it is full of pretend? You have to suffer for the rest of your life just to be with the one that you love. Sanggup nak hidup macam tu? Kau dapat apa kau nak, tapi kau tak bahagia. Bole hidop dengan tak bahagia? Hari-hari makan hati. Hari2 fake a smile so that your loved one really believe u r happy to be with him.

So now here you are. Nak tinggalkan, tak sanggup. Tapi nak teruskan tak terdaya dah. You are in a relationship, yang setiap hari menunggu bila akan tamat. Tapi sepanjang hari-hari tu, you build more and more memories together. Your love grow deeper and deeper towards each other.

Even so, everyday u would secretly pray, for the day the two of you become one will finally come.

And only the two of you.

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