Saturday, March 26, 2011

Papa Zerat & Mama Ecah : Tahniah!

Tahniah kepada papa n mama di atas perkahwinan mereka. Sampai ke hari ini still xpercaya yang diaorang dah kawin!!! Gosh~ rasanya macam baru je semalam diaorg bercinta. haha. Here's a video highlight of their wedding day :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Video of Nadia & Rahman Solemnization

Pada Ahad yang lalu bersamaan 13 Mac 2011 (skemanye ayat aku!), saya telah menghadirkan diri ke majlis pertunangan dan pernikahan kakak kawan saya. Ini adalah sedikit highlight untuk apa yg berlaku pada hari tersebut. (Phew! susah nak maintain ayat skema nih)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Journey to My Latest Gadget :D

Asus A42J (this is my first entry typing using my brand new lappy!yeay!)

It's black. Full black. I love it. 
It has 4gb RAM
1gb Graphics
Processor Intel® Core™ i3 (kan best kalau i5) :P
Display Size 14″ WXGA LED
Weight 2.2 kg
Warranty 2-year
Free gifts (the usual)

what else eyh? actually i don't know much about laptops. i wanted a new one because my old one is erm... erm... really old! it was one of those bulky old acer laptop. i need a new one because now that i'm into video editing, i need a lappy that can hold my editing softwares, n gosh, how heavy they are. 

just for the records, i didn't pay a penny for this laptop. All thanks to my caring and understanding daddy, Encik Azami for buying me this laptop. thank you daddy! u noe i love u. huhu. before, it did came across my mind to buy my own laptop, but after calculating my budget, i dont think i will have enough. So, i tried my luck by asking my mum about it, and she asked my dad, and voila! So folks, there's no harm in asking (eventhough it took me ages to get the words out!)

So yesterday, 15th March 2011, me and faizal went to Low Yatt and meet up with dad there, and started our laptop hunt. We had no idea what brand to look for, just that it needs to fulfil my specs. After asking around, most shops recommend Asus to us. (i never heard of the brand) haha, told u i'm a noob in laptops. from shop to shop, i follow my dad's behind. He did all the talking. i just stand beside him looking boring coz i didn't understand what he was talking about. i heard "AMD, Phenom, i3,i5, Radeon, bla bla bla" and all other nonsense. After a while, i understand that dad doesn't like AMD because "laptop cepat panas". that's what he said anyway to the seller who recommended him to buy ASUS with AMD.  

After a few rounds, dad finally found the best laptop for me (which is this). The seller put the price at RM2000. to me, i think it's a lil bit too expensive. But, dad is just too tired to search elsewhere. So, he decided to buy that one. He asked the seller, where the ATMs are so he can cash out some money, and the seller asked his assistant to lead dad. Meanwhile, Faizal was surveying the same model of ASUS at nearby shop. He told me that he can get the same one at the price of RM1800! So, i called dad straight away to stop him from buying. And guess what? Dad, went back to the first shop and told the seller "Sorry, i tak jadi beli laptop u, i ade emergency. kene balik rumah cepat". and the seller replied " ye ke? ke anak u dapat deal lagi murah?". hahahhaha.. then we left and went for our lunch. During lunch, dad said we will search some more for my laptop. Now that we know what brand and model we want, it's easier. And this time we split up, me and dad, faizal on his own. After almost an hour of search, we met up again. And we compare the prices that we got. Mostly, RM1800 and RM1850 and above. We were discussing near a shop that can give us RM1799 for the laptop. Then we jet him a lil bit more, and finally he gave us RM1780, and that was his final offer. I liked that price :). Not too expensive. 

So in the end, dad bought it for me. What i like most is that, the seller has installed mostly everything for me, plus ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS!!! yeaaaayyy!!! i've been wanting the software for agessss! now i finally have it in my own laptop!

All in all, i like my new lappy. It's sooooooooooo me :DDD. haha


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