Saturday, November 29, 2014

Why did I stay?

So he asked.
Why did I stay?
When I know there is no hope between us.
But I stayed.

I myself still unsure.
I know it will eventually end one day,
And yet, I chose to stay.

I chose to suffer myself.
I chose this.
By staying,
Going deeper and deeper into the relationship.
Loving him more and more each day.
Until one day, I have to leave him.

Am I really unsure?
Or I do know the answer.
But I refuse to say it out loud.
So my brain won't hear.
So the heart can lead me astray.

I stayed because,
I love you.
And I secretly hope that,
I could change your mind.
Even I know it is almost impossible.
Because, who am I to change your decision?
You are a man of your words.

I know you love me.
But you don't love me enough to choose me.
You know I love you.
But I don't love you enough to sacrifice my future.

Finally u gave up.
You can't take it anymore.
You can't make me change my mind, just like I can't make you change yours.
We both know what we want, and we can't have it.
You said, there is no point in staying anymore.
There is no point in fighting anymore.
There is nothing to fight for.
We both will get hurt much worse if we continue.

Thank you for giving up.
Because, if it was me,
I don't know if I have the will to do so.
Thank you for doing it for me.

You be good.
You will live.
I will survive.

Thank you for the moments.
Thank you for all the sweet memories.
Sorry I interfere with your life.


Why did I stay?


I rather love someone I can't have,


Be with someone I don't love.


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