Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Surat Untuk Abell

This letter was written days before I left for Sarawak. Guessed I forgot to published it. So here goes. 

Kehadapan kucing kesayanganku Abell,

 I know you won't read this, but I need to let this out. No one else do understand how I feel, so sharing this with them will be pointless. Better off i write it here, so when i miss you i can read this letter.

 I'll be leaving you soon my darling. I'm going to Sarawak, and you, i dont know where will you be. Will you be in Rembau or Muadzam or Marang. Things will be hard my baby. No one really wants to take care of you. I wish i cud bring i with me, but i cant at the moment. I need to settle down first.

Bell, be strong my boy. Jangan nakal please. Kalau bell stay kat rembau, dengar cakap ibu, dgr ckp abah. Jgn kencing berak dlm rumah. Diaorg tak suka. Abell berak la kat luar eh. Abell kene blaja. Abel kan da besa. Da setahun da sayang. Sama jugak kalau abell stay kt muadzam or marang. Abell kene biasekan diri.

Lepas ni mommy xde nak sikatkan abell. Mommy xde nak mndikan abell. Mommy xde nak pelok abell sblom tido. Mommy xde nak sapu ubat dekat hidung abell. Mommy xde nak lap luka abell yang xpernah kering tu. Abell xboleh baring atas perot mommy lagi. Abell xboleh lompat duduk atas peha time mommy online lg. Harap2 siapa yg jaga abell lepas ni boleh mnjakan abell mcm mana mommy manjakan abell.

Abell, jangan lari. Jangan mati. If you xstay kat rembau, mungkin lepas ni susah sikit kite nak jumpe. Abell jgn lupe mommy tau sayang. Kalau cuti pon, xkan papa nak bawak abell dtg rembau kan? Jauh tu. Do u know what is my worst nightmare? That i will lose you. That i wont see you anymore. Thinking abt the possibilities mmg menyedihkan.

Abell tau tak, out of all the human beings yg ade dkt muka bumi ni yg mommy sayang, mommy lagi sedih nak tinggalkan abell. Why? Because dengan manusia kita masih boleh contact walaupun jauh. Mungkin tak bole hari2 tapi at least once a week. Tapi dengan abell, nak contact mcm mana?? Abell bkn bole cakap. Bukn ade skype, facebook, whatsapp!

I hope u will do fine without me. Please don't forget me coz i wont forget u. You will always be my rainbow after the rain. I love u my baby.


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