Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Perempuan Curang

location: hostel room ct aishah 2.1
mood: bummed
day: tuesday 8.50 am

lagi story about a boy and a girl...
gosh, i will never get tired of this..
so here it goes..

pagi td, aku skype dengan dia...kami dlm beberapa hari nih, mmg cold shoulders giler.. i tried to baek2, but ntahla... so smp hari ni la... nak kate gado, x.. just cold...
so kitorg skype..we talked about perempuan curang.. who to blame?
mmg most people akan salahkan perempuan kan.. coz dia yg curang... tapi to me, kite kene look at different views kenapa perempuan tuh curang...

so he gave me the situation..
a boy and a girl.. happily in love..
but the girl is very social... and the boy new that ages before they are in r.ship...
i asked, what kind of social?.. so he defined as when keluar dgn member2 laki bertepuk tampar and touch shoulders...(to me xdela social mane).. hahahha...
so, the boy marah the girl and told her to control herself because she is now his..
the girl couldnt take it... n rapat ngn another boy.. her bf got mad, but she said he was just a friend... later on the boy found out that the other guy is really her secret lover..(uuuuhhhh, scary).. hahahha... so who to blame?

to me, 2-2 salah... hahahaha...fair..
the girl salah, of course la pasal two-timing her bf kan..
evil giler.. da sorg tuh, sorang jerlaa... the rest act sbg kawan jerlah...
kalau nak sgt kat the other guy, break la dulu dengan her bf..
nih nak sapu dua2 ape cer? nafsu kuda ke haper? hahhahaha... wanita zaman sekarang...

but, the boy is also to blame..
because, dia dah tau yg pompuan tuh mmg social, buat ape nak kongkong..
i understand how the girl feel bile bf try to kongkong hidup dia... rimas tau x..
hello?? u r just a boyfriend, nak sibuk2 kongkong ape kes? besides, the boy da tau perangai girl tuh before diaorg cpl lagi, kenapa lepas da cpl baru nak touching2? kalau cant accept kenapa couple??? terima jela gf dia tuh seadanya... bukan social mane pon... pegang2 bahu kawan, normal lah tuh.. at least berlapik hape...
to me the guy is narrowminded la when comes to "socialling"... kurang bsosial agaknya... xbiasa dengan pergaulan lelaki dengan perempuan...
sebab tu lah kene keluar dari kepompong... ni asek dok dalam kelompok yg sama jerr... laki pompuan bermesre sikit jer, da melenting, melatah...
tgk porn pandai, bajet KL lah sangat, tapi bile awek borak ngan laki jer, ceria ngn laki lebey siket jer, mula fikir bukan2... sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kuno! there!! i said it... kuno!! kuno!! kuno!!kuno!!

dia try to control my life...
he said, i'm too social with my boy friends..
mcm that girl in the story....
aku rase sgt rimas!...
dia terlampau takut aku akan curang and turn to one of my frens...
dia terlampau obsessed... and he's suffocating me with his attitudes!

i love fynn jamal... she writes poetries with her heart... there is one entitled "puisi perempuan curang"... it talks about y women two-timing.. it is not really their fault, but actually the men's..

Friday, September 25, 2009


location: my home. rembau
day: friday, 10.40am

It is the 6th day of Syawal... kejap je mase berlalu... puas ke raya tahun nih? entah laaa... bile da beso nih, xrasa nak raya sangat.. duit raya da kurang.. sebab tuh x excited sgt kowt..
hehehehehe... i'm mo excited in taking pictures with my new baju kurungs.. hahahhaha... typical me..

4th day of Eid, me n my school frens wat konvoi raya.. best jugak lah.. 11 girls and 10 boys if i'm not mistaken.. gempak habes.. snap pics mcm xmati je masing2.. haahaha.. rindu giler kat diaorg.. mmg xdisappointing lansong bile wat reunion... sume masih giler..mmg kitorg xmatang lagi.. reason? age is just a number.. 20 does not define maturity, OK?? n we love what we do and we love to do it again n again n again.. n no one can stop us.. some maybe xfaham this relationship that we have between us.. yerlah, kitorg mix boys and girls.. mcm xkeysa ape pon.. but ade batasan laa.. xde la sampai ber'peleseran' <<--strong word, good aina :) ... tapi, stil ade orang yang salah anggap.. like, when they see our photos, they will think "remaja zaman sekarang~~ ish3.."... "berhimpit dengan jantan".. "sosial la budak2 nih"... padahal to us, normal la tuh.. hahahhaha... some may think, kitorg iman da rosak la, sosial melampau lah... padahal, we were just lepaking dude~ dunia.. dunia... xpaham lah.. susah nak puaskan hati semua orang.. me and my frens.. we are like family... kitorg rapat dari sekolah.. we are openminded bunch of people who love each other and have our own way of showing it..like mang always said it "barula american pie!".. hahaha.. mang mmg bengong.. we have been through together soo much.. no one will understand what we have.. sometimes, i wonder... sampai biler our friendship going to last.. atin has dropped out... next year, will there be more dropouts? i hate to think about it.. here are some photos of our convoy... u be d judge...

di rumah arfa

asrap, mang, bella, aina

the boys

the girls

mang, arfa, zai, ajang


at my houz

di rumah asrap

to us.. eventhough we have a bf or gf bla3.. xsalah klu kite still nak dok sebelah lelaki/perempuan lain.. yg penting naawaitu kite... example: ajang couple ngn zai, but stil, ajang is free to take pictures with his other frens... xkan zai nak halang kot, snap pic ngn kawan2 jehh...

thats all for now..
till then..


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