Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bad Evaluation For Lecturer

This is a story of a girl.. Let’s keep her name a secret for a while..

Yesterday she took her trial exam for math (decision math).. She admits the questions were tough, but it was not to the level of that she couldn’t answer. She answered all the questions. Today, after PE class, she got her paper back. Surprisingly, she got 88%! Wow!! She couldn’t believe it. But to share her joy, she has no one. Everyone else got lower marks than her, so she just saves her joy with herself. Besides, it’s only the trial. The real exam must be much harder than this. The results for the trial do not mean anything. She just has to continue studying harder. She has to fight for her habit of taking naps after eating. She loves to do that. Every time after eating, she would fall asleep, even though she needs to revise for the test. She couldn’t fight it. She needs to change that.

But that is not actually the story that I am supposing to share. This girl, even though she got high marks for her test, in class; she really doesn’t understand what her lecturer was teaching. She really doesn’t have a clue. Well, that’s mean. Actually, there were few that she understood, but if put in percentages, she only understood about 40% of what the lecturer taught. So, for the assignments and exam, she took her own initiative to study by herself. Individual self learning. Self motivation. She took the initiative to open the blue book, and read every topic. Read every detail of information. Read every instructions and algorithm. She searches the internet for more information on certain topics. She did some research on what she find hard. Why she did all this? Because in class, she sees the lecturer as confused, and mixed up. She doesn’t blame the lecturer for this. The lecturer is busy; got so many things in mind, need to teach many topics to her students, so it’s normal for lecturers to behave that way. But one thing that this girl finds irritating about her lecturer is that, the lecturer caused the students to be more confused because of her way of teaching. For instance, one moment she says this should be done this way, the next moment, she says it should be done another way. Making us confuse. We don’t know which one is correct.

Because of that, for the lecturer’s evaluation, in the comment section, the girl put “couldn’t understand of what the lecturer was teaching”. The girl just found out from one of her friends that the lecturer is feeling down because of her comment. And would like to know who wrote it. Hello~~ that is the point of the evaluation! Not to know who wrote it. That’s why the evaluation form didn’t ask for the person’s name. The girl thinks that the lecturer is not being professional in this. Maybe this is her first time getting a bad evaluation. Well, she should take it as a lesson, a motivation. Now she knows her weakness, she should work hard to change that. Try harder not to confuse her own students again. Maybe all this while, she thought she teaches OK, since all her students gave her good evaluation. But if it is not about the evaluation, the lecturer should realize that her students really don’t understand her teachings, based on the students’ results. Even good students could not score.

One of the girl’s friends told her to confess to the lecturer and apologize. Maybe the lecturer misunderstood of the comments, because it was only a few words. But it meant a lot and had a huge effect on everyone. It will affect her reputation and her whole evaluation. But the girl, is afraid to apologize. Because she knows the lecturer, the lecturer will have a negative judgment towards the girl after this. And when this happen, it will affect everything. Besides, the point of evaluation is to express what we feel of the lecturer, so that the lecturer can improve themselves. Take it as a paradigm shift. She should not know who the writer is, coz that will not be professional of her. She should not ask in the first place. Gosh man… Is the girl really guilty?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Location: ct aishah 2.1

It has been ages since i updated my blog..
i just cant find the time..
when i have an interesting topic to talk about, bz gile time tuhh..
bile tgh free nih, xde bende nak ckp la plakk...
so i decided to talk about my breakfast this morning...

this morning after PE with En. Jai, we went to the cafe to have our breakfast...
'we' in this context are me n my girlfriends... the usual bunch of people...
n as usual!! menu yg sgt membosankan...
ayam goreng, ayam masak gulai(tganu style), ayam... ayam.. n more ayam..
i dont really mind if its ayam everyday... tp the chickens are toooooo small!! isi pon xde..
ok, let me list down keburukan cafe ni eyh..

1. menu sikit.. no choice.
2. menu xsedap!! wekkk~~ but kitorg kene makan gak coz got no where else to go..
3. harga mahal giler!! imagine, nasi n ayam yg ciput worth rm3??? cekik darah ke cekik babi? n the price double standard plak tuh... ade students yg diberi priority, dpt murah eventhough lauk banyak... sooo not fair..
4. not hygienic at all.. eventhough pernah kene sita, dorg mcm xpernah nak insaf.. pinggan mangkuk berminyak n kotor.. even ade lalat dlm cawan yg da di basuh..
5. everyday menu yg sama.. bosan dah laaaa..... n makanan x healthy lansong... selallu i hear my frens complaining "ayam ni dia da goreng 2x... aym smalam kowt"..

heysh.. aku complain sorg2 kat sini pon xde gune... nothing will change.. cafe tetap macam tuh gak... if only someone from the governement read this... kan best.. haha.. i wish for the ipg to change the tender n give it to someone else... someone yg faham jiwe2 students ipg ni yg merana sbb makanan dia yg sgt x besh... even the lecturers complain tau about it... tp atleast lecturer boleh makan luar, n even ade yg bawak bekalan dari rumah... kami nih? dah la kat hostel xley nak masak... transport pon xde nak kua.... terpaksa la makan kat cafe...

this morning, i had nasi n chicken.. kene RM3.. ayam dia sangat xde rasa lansong.. i ambik sikit je, tp xmampu nak habis kan... it felt like eating dirt u know.. rasa mcm nak muntah balik jerr...


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