Friday, February 11, 2011

Anwar Hadi: The Next Youtube Phenomenon

Have u ever heard of the name before? NAY? Gosh, where have you been? haha. frankly, i just knew him few hours ago. lol. For those who tak kenal lagi this bloke, can check his youtube channel, by clicking his name >> IniAnwarHadi. So, why am i posting an entry bout this bloke? I hardly know him.Here's why.

1. His videos are very interesting and funny
2. I like his personality.
3. He's damn fluent in English
4. He has high confidence and self esteem to be a vlogger. (If u know me, then u'll know that i effin respect these kinda ppl)
5. I think that's all i can think of for now.

After i watched all his 10 vids (that all so far that he has posted), i wanted to learn more about him. Like, where he is from, how old he is, how did he get so fluent? has he been overseas before, coz he definitely sounds like a native speaker. So, i did a lil research bout this bloke, and most of the answers, i found from his formspring. teehee :P

1. He is frm Bedong, Kedah
2. Born on 26th July 1990, makes him 21 this year
3. He's a Tesl student from IPG PULAU PINANG, but is flying to Macquari University, Australia for a couple of years as part of his study.
4. Got 9 A's 0ut 0f 11 for SPM
5. Lived in New Zealand when he was 6-7 years old
6. Picked up most of his English frm watching English shows on TV
7. His dad is a teacher.
8. He will also be a teacher.
9. his bl0g >

I am amazed that he learnt his English just fr0m watching tv sh0ws. I als0 watched english tv sh0ws when i ws little, but my English is n0t as fluent! **Curses. In fact, it's getting rustier by day, c0z i hardly practice it now. I d0n't have any0ne t0 talk with. It's killing me inside, and im actually n0t 0verreacting. It kills me to find 0ut that my English is getting w0rse. My v0cab is n0t expanding, and my grammar is getting w0rse. i hate that this is happening t0 me. s0b.s0b.

Maria Elena is the left one.0f c0urse.

While i was d0ing my research b0ut the bloke, i have f0und an0ther vl0gger, Maria Elena, or Sh0rtnap. ( She als0 p0sts vids in y0utube talking b0ut everyday t0pics that ain't t00 heavy. But i w0nder why her fans is n0t as many as Anwar's. They b0th have like the same "theme" f0r their p0sts. And if i'm n0t mistaken, Maria has been a vl0gger wayyy bef0re Anwar has. Well, that's n0t imp0rtant anyway. B0tt0m line is, i respect these pe0ple f0r having the c0urage t0 be vl0ggers and d0n't care when s0me haters criticize them. T0 me th0se criticizers are narr0w minded pe0ple wh0 can't accept that the w0rld is changing f0r the better 0f mankind. When are they g0ing t0 realize that the w0rld is a very dynamic place. Dunia dah maju, zaman dah berubah.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

GEMILANG : sure to leave massive impact after NUR KASIH

The title says it all actually.

Personally i think Kabir Bhatia has brilliantly and creatively direct this 13 episodes drama. So far only 2 eps have been aired, it they never failed to move me. The first ep was very sad and tragic indeed. I cant help myself but cry watching it. 2nd ep, i managed to control myself (hehe), and only let tears to form and dry as quickly. Fortunately, it seems like all the sad scenes of flashbacks dah xde, and the next ep will reveal how the main cast Saifullah will build the INSTITUT GEMILANG. 

Honestly, this drama is very unique indeed. I'm bored of malay dramas that always revolve around the same issue : company issues, rich and greedy people trying to steal each others wealth, cinta antara 2 darjat etc:. We hardly find drama like Gemilang, about a fresh graduate who has high ambition and great vision for the future. He chose to be an educator because he hope he can change the world to the better through his students.

So, here's a lil synopsis about the drama that is aired every MONDAY, AT 9.00PM at TV3. or you can watch it at

According to the Director, Kabir Bhatia, the story is based on a true story about his deceased father in law ( Mira Mustaffa dad,who is also the writer). Shah Jazle is playing the role but with a different name, Cikgu Saifullah. Saifullah is a very intelligent boy and comes from a family of poverty.At the start of the story,  his mother died when giving birth to their fourth child. His father then decided to give away the children to foster families and later he died from an accident. Saifullah was taken into a rich family but he never forget his roots.

After he finishes his study at University Malaya, he works in a bank but his heart is not at peace. That is when he decided to go back to his village an open an institute called Institut Gemilang. the school is aimed to give students who failed their exams a second chance. However, the future of Institut Gemilang is yet pitch black. Everything is still uncertain and full of conflicts between friends and lovers. Stay tune to find out! it is only 13 episodes! so, come and follow!


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