Thursday, June 24, 2010

Holiday is Finally Over

What more to say? the title says it all.. haha
4 wonderful weeks of relaxing and lepaking in my own home sweet home.. baiti jannati..
Tonight i'll be going back to hell, for idk, say 2months of torture till the next upxoming holiday. Gosh, 2 months is such a looonng time. But hey, I'm gonna fill it up anyways, i always do. I got all my lovely friends, my deary lover, and enemies to entertain my life.. ahahaha..

So, how did i spent my 4 weeks of heaven? Well, for a start, I went to Puchong to babysit my lil cousin,Khalif, for a day, and i got RM50 for that. Woohoo! Then, came back home, and help Qila with the preparation for her sister's wedding, Kak Mona. And, joyfully, babyboi was there too.. heehee. happy.happy.happy moments!

The next week, before he went back to Marang, the four of us went to watch movie together. well guessed, we watched the most famous movie of the week, the most talked about: LAGENDA BUDAK SETAN! ahahahaha... nice movie it was. although the dialogues are a bit funny when it supposed to be sad.
we went to Johnny's after the

When he left, well, it felt like haven left with him. I had absolutely nothing else to do. Just stayed in my house and went online for 24hours. haha. Well, that's just being hyperbole.. everyday my routine would be: wake up, do some cleaning, cook, online, watch tv, online... ahahaha...(what's my point?)

The next week, my family went shopping at KL for my bro who's going to further his studies at uitm segamat. So he need some new clothes and whatsoever. it was rather boring shopping for him. haha.. the best part was, it was my first time driving in KL.woohoo! we stayed in puchong and we got lost on our way back.. ahaha.. but eventually, we found the route after a bit past an hour on the road. Next day we went to IOI mall, and played bowling and watch KARATE KID. awesome movie. enjoyed it till the last minute! ily jaden smith! haha.. such a cute boi he was.

I also bought a software dvd consists of several video editing software for RM12. Unfortunately, when i got home, and tried to install ulead videostudio(one of the softwares), it didn't work! n i tried another one, and another one, and another one, and it all wont work! damn! have been sabotaj! haha.. i got really pissed off and cursed the man who sold it to me. i can't return it to him coz he's all the way back in puchong and i'm back in rembau. damn u. So, i went to Terminal 1 and bought another cd. this time, it's just one software per cd. the lady said, " usually, one dvd per few softwares, never work". OK, thanks for that info lady. This time, i managed to intall it. woohoo!~ (again?). Now, i am ready to start my video editing! i have a few ideas in mind. heeheheehehe....just wait haaa....

p.s: what a boring holiday u might say :P


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