Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Susahnya nak bahagia

Dah lama tak update blog.
Rasa janggal pulak.
But I need to say what I need to say.

Susah nak bahagia.

These few month,
Too many heartbreaks.
Too many lost.
So little of the good times.

Then one day,
You came.
You came back.
Brought me hope.
Hope that I longed for.
That I have been waiting for all this while.
I was happy.
I was over the moon.
I can finally see the light.
I can see the glimpse of happiness in front of me.
That soon will be mine.

But I was wrong.
I got excited too early.
The happiness you brought was only for a short while.
And yet, I willingly let you hurt me.
Willingly let you played me.
I was torn. I was done.
I let you break me. Inside out.
I didn't fight.
Because I loved you too much.
Now I am here again.
In this mess.
A mess i created myself.

I want to run away.
But you chained me.
I want to be happy away from you.
But how can I when you are the reason for my smiles?
I want to hate you, I should hate you,
but I grew fond of you.
Each day.

I need to move on.
You are not for me.
Even if I am for you.

I am tired.
With all the dramas.
I just want my happiness.

I want you.
No one in between.

I just can't stay mad at you.

But I am glad our paths crossed.You made mE happy even for a short while.

Too afraid to fight the odds.

Or is it just something you said? Out of sympathy?


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