Saturday, January 8, 2011

Syazwan and Fazlina Wedding Video

Congratulations to Yeop n Fazz for their wedding. All went well, total GRANDE! The shade of grey/silver suited you guys pretty well. Here's a video of the wedding, that i captured and edited myself. The video is taken using my lovely Sanyo HD2000.

Seriously, i had a terrible and hard time editing this video. First, i usually convert the videos i captured to .avi coz the original format is .mp4 which is very large. However, this time, when i converted the videos, all tend to b very jaggy and rough around the edges. I didn't know what causes this. After several trials and errors, i gave up on the video. Then last night, when i had nothing else to do and was pretty bored, i started editing the video again. This time, i didnt convert the videos, hence let it remain .mp4 in format. After i align all the clips that i want in my editing software, i did got a bit heavy for my laptop to hold. Playing the clips to see the outcome was almost impossible coz it keep jumping and not playing smoothly. It really tested my patience. In the end, i pasrah n redha of the "outcome-to-be" and just click 'render' so finish up the video. Thus, the video!

p.s: i really need to work on  my camera stabilizing technique. especially when i zoom in. or, get a steady-cam!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

3267 people shared AKAZAMI- ITULAH SAYANG.

30 minutes ago, bebosan kat fb, sajela type AKAZAMI kat "search",

n guess what?

n i was like: "wtf!" (wow! that's fantastic)

xtau pulak sebegitu ramai org akan share the video kat facebook.

n bile i check youtube,

not bad. not bad at all. i remembered, when the video was 3 days old in utube, the video da cecah like thousands of view. heehee..

Kalau tau la sebegini banyak attention the video was gonna get, aku buat berkualiti sket. haha.. ini just kitorg 4 org terkinja-kinja (ayat arwah uwan aku would use if she sees the video) je depan camera. haha.

Banyak gak yg like the video. And ade jugak a few yang mcm xberapa nak suke kan. But, what the heyyyy~~ saya xmampu nak puaskan hati semua org. Besides, i did this video for fun dan tidak mengganggu hidup orang laen.

Out of 3267 people yang share the vid, only one is my mutual friend, Hazwani Harun. And this girl pon, we just knew each other recently and it was because of the video. And she even wrote about me in her blog. Thank you pumpkin. I appreciate ur effort figuring out who me n my frens were.

Monday, January 3, 2011

The End of My Day.

Rumour is going round that Maths will be taught in MALAY starting this semester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and i was like... WHAT THE FAFISH FROGGISH FOSTRICH is all this man????? we have been taught in English, and English shall we remain! Hell with they threw away the PPSMI majiggi, that has nothing to do with tertiary level. I repeat, tertiary level education!

Kenapa nak susahkan orang? It's not that i'm choosing English over our national language,i love malay, i really do, but just think about it man. All this while, kami belajar in English. Memang culture shock gile la klu tetibe tuka. 2nd, most references, and by most i mean over 70% of references are in ENGLISH! mana ko nak carik reference in Malay wehh? PIKIR LA WEHH! 3rd, by this, it would be even harder for us to do the assignments! DAMN!!! 4th, Exam pon in Malay? Damn u! Dah la mathematical terms when translate to Malay, jadi macam TAIKKKK!! Lagi saket otak cube nak faham what the term means taw in Malay. It is better in English. seriously. Example, what is "JANJANG aritmetik'?? but, if u say "arithmetic PROGESSION", then "ooooooooo, progression rupenyeeeeeeeee..cakapla awal2." See??seee?seeeeeeeeeeeeee?????

Hampeh la kalu rumour ni true!!!!! Mati la weh.. it would be the end of everything!!!!!!


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